The Way of the Happy Woman | SHE Leadership & Lifestyle Retreat | Sara Avant Stover
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Uncovering and Empowering the Feminine Leader Within:
A 5-day Heroine’s Journey

bookAs women we lead in countless ways: in homes, classrooms, businesses, communities, with our children, in our vocations. We’re teachers, wives, girlfriends, partners, parents, grandparents, CEO’s, coaches, healers, and mentors (and a gazillion other things).

Yet, too often, we believe the best way to lead is by emulating the male leaders around us. We internalize masculine leadership skills, creating an inner tyranny that rules with rigidity, unhealthy drive, perfectionism, and life-squelching control. Internalized masculine leadership leaves little room for a woman’s innate strengths to truly SHINE.

By discovering our uniquely feminine rhythms, and learning how to communicate with our “Inner Wise Woman” (or SHE), we can claim and harness the very root of our greatest strength and wisdom.

Your Journey to Radical Feminine Empowerment

True feminine leadership stems from participating skillfully with our cycles, seasons, and rhythms of our souls. It’s reflected in how we move our bodies, feed ourselves, listen, speak, think, relate to our feelings, and connect with others.

This retreat gives you the skillssisterhoodconfidence, and knowledge you need to live a divinely feminine, soul-centered life….and in turn to lead others…so that you can finally be the woman you came here to be. 

During this uniquely integrated retreat (addressing ALL parts of your life as a woman), you will travel from your outer landscapes to the innermost ones, discovering your inner SHE, through:

  • SHE Yoga (Women’s Yin & Flow)
  • Meditation, Devotion, & Mysticism
  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating
  • Women’s Circle Practices
  • Play, Rest, Pampering, and Time in Nature
  • Silence & Conscious Conversation
  • Solitary Intuitive Journaling & Self-Inquiry

An Integrated Path to Feminine Leadership

You are being called into leadership in all parts of your life, no matter if you’re starting a career path, running a Fortune 500 company, or raising a family of 5. This retreat will show you how to find your inner feminine leader to:

  • Start playing big despite your fears…
  • Soar over your self-doubts…
  • Create healthy boundaries (not barriers) in service of a larger you…
  • Use your inner critic for greater self-esteem, presence, and insight…
  • Find the gold hidden inside your biggest challenges
  • Reconnect with your inner little girl to find the joy in leadership…
  • Discover ways for self-care that are in-sync with your constitution and cycles for optimal energy…..
  • Take a Heroine’s Journey from the darkest parts of yourself to the light, while reclaiming the lost parts of your soul.

Discover Your Inner Leader … While Getting Pampered and Rested in Paradise

We know how to host a retreat for women, by womenSara has been holding women’s retreats in Thailand for the past decade! This SHE Leadership retreat will be held in the stunning Moroccan-inspired boutique resort, the Absolute Sanctuary, in Koh Samui, Thailand.

When a woman is relaxed and rested, she is the most resourceful, receptive, creative and in tune with her Feminine Soul.

- Sara Avant Stover